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Narrative > Emotional Response

How Does The Market Feel?

Affect is a rich measure of the emotional tone of the significant content. Understanding of the emotional drivers empower you to better understand, and respond appropriately to, the emotional impact of the narrative.

In this chart, positive emotions are highlighted in green, whereas negative emotions are red.

If there is a clear tonality to the emotions expressed, such as expectation or apprehension, these are shown in purple.

The intensity of the colour indicates the intensity of each emotion.

The width of each arc reflects the degree to which the named emotion contributes to the overall emotional response.

Broad emotions, such as fear and love, are closer to the centre of the chart. The more subtle emotions, which contribute to those broad emotions, are shown in the concentric rings further out. Moving out from the centre, each ring shows a further level of detail.

Narrative > Topics & Themes > Relationships

What Are The Key Topics?
What Are Their Relationships?

This matrix shows the topics which are driving emotional engagement, and the tone of the associations between them.

RED indicates a negative association, GREEN a positive one. ORANGE means a neutral connection, and BLUE, an association driven by anticipation and expectation.

This matrix gives you an 'at-a-glance' view of the overall complexity, engagement, and tone of the narrative. It also makes clear any cross-cutting concerns which lie at the centre of the narrative.

Narrative > Media > Power

Which Media Drives This Category?

This index ranks media voices according to their power to lead debate and shape perception, and drive market performance in terms of preference and desirability.

This is not a volumetric measure: often, the most popular media are not the ones with the strongest impact on topical or social engagement.

Outlook > Affect > Orientation

What's the Emotional Centre of the Narrative?

Affect Orientation is a measure of the degree to which the narrative stimulates an emotional response: active or passive, positive or negative. Most narratives are simply neutral, and do not provoke any emotional response .

Narrative > Content > Exploration

What Does The Most Powerful Content Look Like?

Outlook > Engagement > Classification

What's the Nature of the Narrative?

Understanding of the structure of the narrative, offers orientation on the long-term value of engagement, and the manner in which to engage, to achieve Communication Power.

Narrative > Content > Power

Title Content Power Publication Date
Apple’s iPhone 8 Price Costs $699, iPhone X $999 | 52.5 --
Apple iPhone Announcement Video: What You Missed in 3 ... 48.0 2017-09-12
iPhone 8 or iPhone X - 48.0 2017-09-08
iPhone X and iPhone 8 Price - How Much Do They Cost ... 45.0 2017-09-12
Apple iPhone X: Could a Twin Trick the Face ID? | 43.5 2017-09-13
Apple AirPower Will Change iPhone X, Apple ... - 42.0 --
Apple Event Recap: Here’s Everything That Was Announced ... 42.0 --
iPhone 8 Specs: Everything We Know About Apple's New ... 42.0 2017-09-01
Apple iPhone X Face ID: Why I Won't Be Using It | 40.5 --
iPhone X Hands-On: A Closer Look at Apple's New Phone ... 40.5 2017-09-12
iPhone X hands-on: feels like ‘the future of the ... 40.5 2017-09-12
iPhone X Release Date: When You Can Buy the New iPhone ... 39.0 2017-09-12
iPhone 8 and iPhone X: Apple's 3D Cameras Are Game ... 39.0 --
Samsung's component division will make more money off the iPhone X than the Galaxy S8 - The Verge 39.0 2017-10-02
Apple's 10th Anniversary iPhone X: Get the Scoop | 37.5 2017-09-12
The Internet Has Memes in the Battle of iPhone 8 vs iPhone X 37.5 2017-09-12
Apple's iPhone X Might Cost Apple Nearly $600 to Build ... 33.0 --
Which New iPhone Should I Buy? iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs 8 ... 33.0 2017-09-14
Apple iPhone X vs. Samsung Galaxy Note: A Comparison ... 31.5 --
The iPhone X Is Apple’s First Edge-to-Edge OLED display ... 31.0 2017-09-13
Apple iPhone 8 Launches in the iPhone X's Shadow | Fortune 30.0 --
iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Apple's new hero against ... 29.0 2017-09-28
Apple iPhone X: The internet reacts - BBC News 28.5 2017-09-13
The iPhone X Isn't That Expensive, Actually | WIRED 28.0 2017-09-13
iPhone X: Apple's 10-year iPhone update is biggest ever 27.0 2017-09-20
Apple iPhone X Has a 'Value Price," Tim Cook Says ... 27.0 --
Apple iPhone X adopts facial recognition and OLED screen ... 25.5 2017-09-12
Apple's $1000 iPhone X embraces the bleeding edge: The top ... 25.0 2017-09-12
How to Preorder iPhone X, iPhone 8, Other New Apple ... 24.0 2017-09-12
iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone Edition: What Will It Be ... 24.0 2017-09-05
iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel: How to Pick ... 22.5 2017-09-14
How Much iPhone X, iPhone 8 Cost on iPhone ... - 21.0 2017-09-12
iPhone X vs iPhone 8: What's the difference? | Trusted Reviews 21.0 2017-09-12
Apple iPhone X: Face ID Hack Questionable With Twins ... 21.0 --
iPhone 8 and iPhone X's Best Camera Photography Features ... 21.0 2017-09-12
Apple iPhone X Delay Could Hurt Fourth Quarter Holiday ... 21.0 --
iOS Leak: The New “iPhone X” is Apple’s Top-End Model ... 19.5 --
How to get your company to pay for an iPhone X 19.0 2017-09-13
iPhone X: Why Apple's $1,000 iPhone Is Out of Touch - 18.0 2017-09-14
Apple iPhone X Has Smaller Battery Than iPhone 7 Plus ... 18.0 --
iPhone 8 or iPhone X: Which one should CIOs prefer for ... 18.0 2017-09-13
Apple Ready to Introduce Redesigned iPhone: What to Look ... 18.0 2017-09-12
Apple iPhone X Isn't in Trouble—Despite Some Reports ... 18.0 --
Best iPhone X Cases: Protection for your super-expensive ... 17.0 2017-09-18
Apple iPhone X's AppleCare+ Plan Will Cost You $199 ... 16.5 --
How Secure Is the iPhone X's FaceID? Here's What We Know 16.0 2017-09-12
iPhone X Face ID Software Inspires the Funniest Memes ... 15.0 2017-09-12
Apple's iPhone 8 May Be Priced at $1,000 | 15.0 2017-08-25
Apple's New iPhone 8 and iPhone X Emphasize Augmented ... 15.0 --
Apple iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X: People Will Buy iPhone 8 Plus ... 15.0 --
Apple's iPhone X Has Face ID, But Will It Work With ... 15.0 --
iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: What's the difference ... 15.0 2017-09-28
HOW TO GET - FAST CHARGING on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 & iPhone 6! - YouTube 14.0 2017-10-03
What is Bluetooth 5? New iPhone 8 and iPhone X's wireless ... 14.0 2017-09-12
iPhone X delays may leave you waiting until 2018 for the ... 14.0 2017-09-29
Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL: What's at stake for Google after Apple iPhone X 13.0 2017-10-03
iPhone X and iPhone 8: Specs, Price, Availability | WIRED 12.0 2017-09-12
iPhone X: 10 key moments leading up to the new handset ... 12.0 2017-09-11
With the iPhone X, can Apple become the next AR leader ... 12.0 2017-09-12
iPhone 8 Review: Small Changes Make A Big Difference ... 12.0 2017-09-19
Forget the iPhone 8, Apple might be making an iPhone X ... 11.0 2017-01-19
iPhone X launch: we'll be live from the ... - 11.0 2017-09-12
Australian iPhone X plans compared: what price should you ... 11.0 2017-09-12
These Are the Verizon, ATT, Sprint Carrier iPhone 8 X ... 10.5 2017-09-13
iPhone X: Face ID will be limited to one face per phone ... 10.0 2017-09-14
long-anticipated iPhone X - 9.0 2017-09-12
Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Black Friday Deals Could Be Big ... 9.0 --
Report Says The iPhone X With 256GB Storage Has A Higher Demand - TechBooky 8.0 2017-10-04
Data Sheet—iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 Arrive ... 7.5 --
iPhone X deals: how and where to get the best pre-order ... 7.0 2017-09-21
Everything Apple Announced: iPhone X, iPhone 8, Face ID ... 7.0 2017-09-12
Apple iPhone X Price Won't Stop Consumers From Buying ... 6.0 --
The New iPhone Is Defying History | WIRED 6.0 2017-09-12
Galaxy S8 vs iPhone X: Which phone is right for you ... 6.0 2017-09-12
I’m worried that FaceID is going to suck—and here’s why ... 5.0 2017-09-12
20 iPhone X Secrets Hidden in iOS 11 - YouTube 4.0 2017-08-04
Samsung stands to make more from iPhone X than Galaxy S8 thanks to parts 4.0 2017-10-02
The iPhone X Killer The Essential phone Must Watch - YouTube 4.0 2017-10-04
Tech Talks #307 - Drone Tower, 3310 3G, iPhone X 4500$, Apple on Top, Facebook Blood Donation - YouTube 3.0 2017-09-28
How to disable Face ID on your iPhone X: Just squeeze it ... 2.0 2017-09-15

What Content Drives The Narrative?

Content Power is a measure of the power of individual pieces of content.

This measure is independent of the number of people seeing or sharing this content (it is not volumetric). It is a true measure of content's intrinsic power.

The content shown here has been selected for its ability to drive market performance against preference and desirability.