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This analysis is based on the query: Brexit.

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Produced for on 04/10/2017.

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We’ve analysed the whole of the web to identify and characterise engagement around this topic.

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Our measures correlate strongly with market choice and are strong predictors of future behaviour.

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This report provides you with a rapid, accurate view of the market, and key diagnostics which enable you to drive better market performance.

Narrative > Emotional Response

How Does The Market Feel?

Affect is a rich measure of the emotional tone of the significant content. Understanding of the emotional drivers empower you to better understand, and respond appropriately to, the emotional impact of the narrative.

In this chart, positive emotions are highlighted in green, whereas negative emotions are red.

If there is a clear tonality to the emotions expressed, such as expectation or apprehension, these are shown in purple.

The intensity of the colour indicates the intensity of each emotion.

The width of each arc reflects the degree to which the named emotion contributes to the overall emotional response.

Broad emotions, such as fear and love, are closer to the centre of the chart. The more subtle emotions, which contribute to those broad emotions, are shown in the concentric rings further out. Moving out from the centre, each ring shows a further level of detail.

Narrative > Topics & Themes > Relationships

What Are The Key Topics?
What Are Their Relationships?

This matrix shows the topics which are driving emotional engagement, and the tone of the associations between them.

RED indicates a negative association, GREEN a positive one. ORANGE means a neutral connection, and BLUE, an association driven by anticipation and expectation.

This matrix gives you an 'at-a-glance' view of the overall complexity, engagement, and tone of the narrative. It also makes clear any cross-cutting concerns which lie at the centre of the narrative.

Narrative > Media > Power

Which Media Drives This Category?

This index ranks media voices according to their power to lead debate and shape perception, and drive market performance in terms of preference and desirability.

This is not a volumetric measure: often, the most popular media are not the ones with the strongest impact on topical or social engagement.

Outlook > Affect > Orientation

What's the Emotional Centre of the Narrative?

Affect Orientation is a measure of the degree to which the narrative stimulates an emotional response: active or passive, positive or negative. Most narratives are simply neutral, and do not provoke any emotional response .

Narrative > Content > Exploration

What Does The Most Powerful Content Look Like?

Outlook > Engagement > Classification

What's the Nature of the Narrative?

Understanding of the structure of the narrative, offers orientation on the long-term value of engagement, and the manner in which to engage, to achieve Communication Power.

Narrative > Content > Power

Title Content Power Publication Date
Brexit, Explained: 7 Questions About What It Means and Why ... 49.5 2016-06-24
Brexit Drags U.K. Below Turkey and Poland in Expatriate ... 31.5 2017-09-26
A Blunt Message After ‘Brexit’: Bolting Will Carry a Heavy ... 31.5 2016-12-05
Boris Johnson: Let the British lion roar - BBC News 28.5 2017-10-03
May Ends Impasse in Brexit Talks So Real Negotiations Can ... 25.5 2017-09-22
How Will ‘Brexit’ Vote Go? Monty Python May Offer Clue ... 24.0 2016-06-24
Brexit Bulletin: Living on Boris Time - Bloomberg 22.5 2017-09-20
May Makes Commitment on Cash in Bid to Break Brexit ... 22.5 2017-09-22
The Economic Consequences of Brexit: A Taxing Decision 22.0 --
Brexit: Why Anti-European Union Feeling Won't Go Away ... 22.0 2016-06-23
A Lesson From ‘Brexit’: On Immigration, Feelings Trump ... 21.0 2016-07-29
Prove we’re ready to go with no Brexit deal, say ministers | News 21.0 2017-10-04
Results of Citizens' Assembly on Brexit: UK voters want a soft Brexit  21.0 2017-10-01
Brexit vote was 'tantrum' by British working class, says Alan Duncan | Politics 21.0 2017-10-03
U.K. Fears Time Will Run Out for Brexit Deal - Bloomberg 19.5 2017-10-03
These 5 Facts Explain the Debate Over Brexit - Time 18.0 2016-02-04
Brexit: How psychology made it inevitable | 18.0 2016-06-24
MP calls on Jeremy Corbyn to resign and 'make way for ... 16.5 2016-07-01
Brexit Talks Show Continuing Divide Between U.K., EU Lawmakers 16.0 2017-10-04
When will we know the result of the Brexit vote? - MarketWatch 16.0 --
Brexit remorse? UK lawmaker calls for Parliament to ignore ... 15.0 2016-06-26
The Brexit vote: Everything you need to know about the ... 15.0 --
What is soft Brexit and how is it different to a hard ... 15.0 2017-06-23
‘Brexit’ Vote Already Has a Winner: The Gambling Industry ... 15.0 2016-06-24
Brexit Bill Swells on Pensions as EU Parliament Draws Red ... 15.0 2017-09-26
Brexit: U.S. Economy Impact Will Be Huge, and Here ... - Time 14.0 2016-06-27
Brexit - BBC News 13.5 --
May to Reboot Brexit Plan by Requesting Transition Period ... 13.5 2017-09-21
Banks’ Brexit Moving Costs Are Seen Topping $500 Million ... 13.5 2017-10-02
Brexit: Supreme Court says Parliament must give Article 50 ... 13.5 2017-01-24
EU Is Said to Consider Brexit Compromise on Transition ... 12.0 2017-09-27
Brexit — RT Trends 12.0 --
Brexit Bulletin: Project Fear - Bloomberg 12.0 2017-10-04
Brexit Could Be Good for the World | 12.0 2016-06-24
Trump, Syriza & Brexit prove voting is only small part of the battle — RT Op-Edge 12.0 --
May confirms Britain will pay tens of billions to the EU ... 12.0 2017-09-22
What is Brexit? What will happen now Britain has voted ... 12.0 2017-09-22
E.U. Countries Warn Britain on ‘Brexit’: You’ll Pay if You ... 10.5 2016-06-24
FSB: UK business confidence 'plummets' to lowest level ... 10.0 2017-09-20
What the UK election result could mean for Brexit - CNN 10.0 2017-06-07
Brexit: Why The Globalists Lost - Breitbart 10.0 2016-06-24
Brexit news - Michel Barnier warns Britain EU will be 'intransigent' on Single Market - YouTube 10.0 2017-10-04
Nigel Farage Has Some More Good Brexit News You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else - LBC 9.0 2017-10-03
Brexit Puts Trillions of Pounds of Contracts at Risk, BOE ... 9.0 2017-09-25
Regardless of ‘Brexit’ Vote, Experts Say, E.U. Must ... 9.0 2016-06-25
‘Brexit’: Explaining Britain’s Vote on European Union ... 9.0 2016-04-05
Brexit latest: Steven Woolfe skewers EU big wigs on Brexit during epic slap down | UK | News 9.0 2017-10-04
Brexit Bulletin: Boris Bowed - Bloomberg 9.0 2017-10-03
brexit | Bruegel 8.0 --
Common sense may prevail on Brexit transition - MarketWatch 8.0 --
The Catalan independence referendum is a much bigger issue ... 7.5 2017-09-30
LSE BREXIT – If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry … Brexit and the renaissance of British humour 7.0 2017-10-04
Brexit - latest news, breaking stories and comment - The ... 6.0 --
All the worst lies about Brexit are about to be revealed ... 6.0 --
Brexit: What the EU Referendum Means for the World - Time 6.0 2016-06-24
Boris Johnson reveals his four Brexit 'red lines' for ... 6.0 2017-09-29
How has the economy fared since the Brexit vote? - BBC News 6.0 2017-03-28
Brexit Bulletin: Boris Watch - Bloomberg 6.0 2017-10-02
Brexit: May says free movement to end in March 2019 - CNN 6.0 2017-07-31
Brexit: UK to leave single market, says Theresa May - BBC 6.0 2017-01-17
Brexit: The week that brought Britain to its knees - CNN 5.0 2016-07-01
EU referendum: The Sun urges readers to vote for Brexit ... 4.5 2016-06-13
Brexit outcome: What does it mean for you? - CNN 4.0 2016-06-22
Brexit Boost: Hiring and Salaries Rise as Supply of Cheap ... 4.0 2017-08-11
Brexit after EU referendum: UK to leave EU and ... - BBC News 3.0 2016-06-19
Brexit to Test Frankfurt’s Overstretched Housing Market ... 3.0 2017-10-04
My vision for a bold, thriving Britain enabled by Brexit 3.0 2017-09-15
Brexit poll: Six months on, Brits stand by EU decision - CNN 2.0 2016-12-19
Brexit: Cameron hands task of EU divorce to next PM - CNN 2.0 2016-06-27

What Content Drives The Narrative?

Content Power is a measure of the power of individual pieces of content.

This measure is independent of the number of people seeing or sharing this content (it is not volumetric). It is a true measure of content's intrinsic power.

The content shown here has been selected for its ability to drive market performance against preference and desirability.