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Produced for on 04/10/2017.

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We’ve analysed the whole of the web to identify and characterise engagement around this topic.

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Our measures correlate strongly with market choice and are strong predictors of future behaviour.

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This report provides you with a rapid, accurate view of the market, and key diagnostics which enable you to drive better market performance.

Narrative > Emotional Response

How Does The Market Feel?

Affect is a rich measure of the emotional tone of the significant content. Understanding of the emotional drivers empower you to better understand, and respond appropriately to, the emotional impact of the narrative.

In this chart, positive emotions are highlighted in green, whereas negative emotions are red.

If there is a clear tonality to the emotions expressed, such as expectation or apprehension, these are shown in purple.

The intensity of the colour indicates the intensity of each emotion.

The width of each arc reflects the degree to which the named emotion contributes to the overall emotional response.

Broad emotions, such as fear and love, are closer to the centre of the chart. The more subtle emotions, which contribute to those broad emotions, are shown in the concentric rings further out. Moving out from the centre, each ring shows a further level of detail.

Narrative > Topics & Themes > Relationships

What Are The Key Topics?
What Are Their Relationships?

This matrix shows the topics which are driving emotional engagement, and the tone of the associations between them.

RED indicates a negative association, GREEN a positive one. ORANGE means a neutral connection, and BLUE, an association driven by anticipation and expectation.

This matrix gives you an 'at-a-glance' view of the overall complexity, engagement, and tone of the narrative. It also makes clear any cross-cutting concerns which lie at the centre of the narrative.

Narrative > Media > Power

Which Media Drives This Category?

This index ranks media voices according to their power to lead debate and shape perception, and drive market performance in terms of preference and desirability.

This is not a volumetric measure: often, the most popular media are not the ones with the strongest impact on topical or social engagement.

Outlook > Affect > Orientation

What's the Emotional Centre of the Narrative?

Affect Orientation is a measure of the degree to which the narrative stimulates an emotional response: active or passive, positive or negative. Most narratives are simply neutral, and do not provoke any emotional response .

Narrative > Content > Exploration

What Does The Most Powerful Content Look Like?

Outlook > Engagement > Classification

What's the Nature of the Narrative?

Understanding of the structure of the narrative, offers orientation on the long-term value of engagement, and the manner in which to engage, to achieve Communication Power.

Narrative > Content > Power

Title Content Power Publication Date
Donald Trump - CNN 39.0 2015-08-16
New York Daily News calls for Donald Trump to end his ... 37.5 2016-08-10
Trump draws thousands to Phoenix rally - CNNPolitics 34.5 2015-07-11
Trump's evolving position on gun control 33.0 2017-10-03
Trump says Americans are 'angry,' he's 'just the messenger ... 33.0 2016-03-13
Poll: Support for Trump impeachment rises - POLITICO 30.0 2017-05-31
The Trump Organization - Wikipedia 25.5 --
Trump expected to avoid gun control debate during Las Vegas visit 24.0 2017-10-04
Melania Trump's College Degree - 22.5 2016-07-19
Bloomberg Interview: Trump Weighs Breaking Up Wall Street ... 22.0 2017-05-01
President Trump, who got five draft deferments, again ... 21.0 2017-08-07
Donald Trump accused of 'owing' Puerto Rico $33m after golf club bankruptcy 21.0 2017-09-27
Trump ends DACA but gives Congress window to save it 21.0 2017-09-05
Trump ends DACA — and pressures Congress to pass ... 19.5 2017-09-05
Trump hails torture, mass killings with ‘pigs blood’ ammo ... 18.0 2016-02-20
Trump has decided to end DACA, with 6-month delay 18.0 2017-09-03
Donald Trump's horrifying words about Muslims (Opinion) - CNN 18.0 2015-11-20
Trump's Honeymoon With China Comes to an End - Bloomberg 16.0 2017-07-19
Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions ... 16.0 2017-07-20
The Real News Is Trump is Broke – Talking Points Memo 16.0 --
Donald Trump Doesn't Salute the Flag? - 15.0 2015-12-20
CNN Admits Trump Campaign Was Wiretapped: Breitbart News and Mark Levin Right, Mainstream Media Wrong - Breitbart 15.0 2017-09-18
Image of Donald Trump with No Wig or Makeup - 15.0 2016-07-16
After a Disappointing Debate, Donald Trump Goes on the ... 13.5 2016-09-30
Trump sent 18 tweets on Puerto Rico on Saturday 12.0 2017-10-01
Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl 12.0 2016-06-23
Trump on Boeing's Air Force One contract: 'Cancel order ... 12.0 2016-12-07
Trump Says He'll Be More Popular Than Fried Chicken ... 12.0 2016-08-26
Puerto Rico is all our worst fears about Trump becoming real 12.0 2017-10-01
Trump left his mark on Atlantic City — for better and for ... 12.0 2015-12-27
Facing sharp criticism, Trump calls out racists - LA Times 12.0 2017-08-14
INCORRECT ATTRIBUTION: New Yorker on Donald Trump 12.0 2016-02-29
In Trump's America, white US men are a bigger domestic terror threat than Muslim foreigners 12.0 2017-10-03
Trump Leaks Classified Info After Intelligence Briefing 12.0 2016-07-30
Melania Trump Files for Divorce - 12.0 2016-11-13
China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada Caucus 11.0 2016-02-24
What would a Donald Trump administration look like ... 10.5 2015-08-02
Trump's Puerto Rico Budget Joke Embarrassed Us Again 10.0 2017-10-03
Donald Trump: John McCain 'Let Arizona Down' on Health ... 10.0 2017-09-23
Gays for Trump? - CNNPolitics - CNN - Breaking News ... 9.0 2016-06-15
Donald Trump: 'Maybe we should boycott Starbucks ... 9.0 2015-11-10
Read the complete transcript of President Trump's remarks ... 9.0 2017-08-15
Donald Trump on terrorists: 'Take out their families ... 9.0 2015-12-02
Cruz unloads with epic takedown of 'pathological liar ... 9.0 2016-05-03
Donald Trump takes on Clinton, Bush and the Pope - CNN 9.0 2015-08-19
An Unfit President Fails Puerto Rico - The New York Times 9.0 2017-10-03
Washington Loves General McMaster, But Trump Doesn't 8.0 2017-05-08
Trump: 'I like right-to-work better' 8.0 2016-02-23
Trump Attacks the Mayor of San Juan: A Closer Look - YouTube 8.0 2017-10-02
Trump Bloomberg Interview Transcript - Bloomberg 6.0 2017-05-01
Uncertainty Grips Solar as Industry Awaits Trump's Tariff ... 6.0 2017-09-22
Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses - NBC News 6.0 2017-03-01
donald trump Archives | 6.0 2017-10-03
Donald Trump | New York Post 6.0 --
Defiant Donald Trump refuses to apologize to John McCain ... 6.0 2015-07-18
Ivanka Trump's 'Lap Dance' with Donald - | The ... 6.0 2016-09-08
Trump's failed Baja condo resort left buyers feeling ... 6.0 2016-06-27
Trump provokes new furor by giving foes of white ... 6.0 2017-08-15
Donald Trump - Wikipedia 6.0 --
Donald Trump's comments offend many U.S. Latinos, but not ... 6.0 2015-07-23
Tom Cotton: Trump Should Not Recertify Iran Nuclear Deal Even if Tehran is in Compliance 4.0 2017-10-04
Donald Trump Transported Veterans on Tower Air? 3.0 2016-03-01
about Trump - 3.0 2017-07-12
Trump on immigration: Mass deportation and 'legal status ... 3.0 2015-07-29
Donald Trump on London mayor's comments: 'Very rude ... 3.0 2016-05-16
Donald Trump calls for Apple boycott - CNNPolitics 3.0 2016-02-19
Donald Trump Is Not Going Anywhere - The New York Times 3.0 2016-01-03
Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK - CNNPolitics 3.0 2016-02-28
Trump draws outrage after Megyn Kelly remarks - CNNPolitics 3.0 2015-08-08
Donald Trump’s Act Seems to Be Wearing Out Its Welcome ... 3.0 2016-01-22
Byron York: Trump vs. the filibuster 2.0 2017-08-26

What Content Drives The Narrative?

Content Power is a measure of the power of individual pieces of content.

This measure is independent of the number of people seeing or sharing this content (it is not volumetric). It is a true measure of content's intrinsic power.

The content shown here has been selected for its ability to drive market performance against preference and desirability.