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Produced for on 29/10/2017.

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Narrative > Emotional Response

How Does The Market Feel?

Affect is a rich measure of the emotional tone of the significant content. Understanding of the emotional drivers empower you to better understand, and respond appropriately to, the emotional impact of the narrative.

In this chart, positive emotions are highlighted in green, whereas negative emotions are red.

If there is a clear tonality to the emotions expressed, such as expectation or apprehension, these are shown in purple.

The intensity of the colour indicates the intensity of each emotion.

The width of each arc reflects the degree to which the named emotion contributes to the overall emotional response.

Broad emotions, such as fear and love, are closer to the centre of the chart. The more subtle emotions, which contribute to those broad emotions, are shown in the concentric rings further out. Moving out from the centre, each ring shows a further level of detail.

Narrative > Topics & Themes > Relationships

What Are The Key Topics?
What Are Their Relationships?

This matrix shows the topics which are driving emotional engagement, and the tone of the associations between them.

RED indicates a negative association, GREEN a positive one. ORANGE means a neutral connection, and BLUE, an association driven by anticipation and expectation.

This matrix gives you an 'at-a-glance' view of the overall complexity, engagement, and tone of the narrative. It also makes clear any cross-cutting concerns which lie at the centre of the narrative.

Narrative > Media > Power

Which Media Drives This Category?

This index ranks media voices according to their power to lead debate and shape perception, and drive market performance in terms of preference and desirability.

This is not a volumetric measure: often, the most popular media are not the ones with the strongest impact on topical or social engagement.

Outlook > Affect > Orientation

What's the Emotional Centre of the Narrative?

Affect Orientation is a measure of the degree to which the narrative stimulates an emotional response: active or passive, positive or negative. Most narratives are simply neutral, and do not provoke any emotional response .

Narrative > Content > Exploration

What Does The Most Powerful Content Look Like?

Outlook > Engagement > Classification

What's the Nature of the Narrative?

Understanding of the structure of the narrative, offers orientation on the long-term value of engagement, and the manner in which to engage, to achieve Communication Power.

Narrative > Content > Power

Title Content Power Publication Date
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier 'asked secretary to buy vibrators and called her sugar t*ts' - Birmingham Mail 125.0 2017-10-29
Mark Garnier investigated by Cabinet Office over sex toy errand - BBC News 78.0 2017-10-29
Appeal for donations for new Kidderminster charity shop ... 24.0 --
Wyre Forest MP delivers Christmas cheer at Royal Mail's ... 22.0 --
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier ‘sent aide out to buy sex toys’ 20.0 --
Wyre Forest MP meets with hospital trust chairman to ... 18.0 --
Wyre Forest MP to vote against same-sex marriage bill ... 16.0 --
MP given first-hand experience of abandoned dogs at Far ... 16.0 --
Let's have more British schools abroad, says Wyre Forest ... 16.0 --
Seven men arrested on suspicion of drugs offences after ... 16.0 --
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier raises awareness of plight of ... 14.0 --
Wyre Forest jobs fair bigger and better | Kidderminster ... 14.0 --
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier will defend his Westminster ... 14.0 --
London Midland train cancellations 'unacceptable' - MP ... 13.0 --
Wyre Forest MP expenses claims (From Kidderminster Shuttle) 12.0 --
Mark Garnier pays tribute to Dr Richard Taylor following ... 12.0 --
Wyre Forest MP in hot water as he urges George Osborne to ... 12.0 --
MP's true colours? (From Kidderminster Shuttle) 10.0 --
Wyre Forest MP bid to use 'local' suppliers (From ... 10.0 --
VIDEO: West Mercia Police officers Andrew Herlihy and ... 10.0 --
'Now the worst time for £6k MP pay rise plan' - Mark Garnier 10.0 --
MP and council leader at odds over gypsy sites (From ... 10.0 --
VIDEO: Congestion-busting Hoobrook Link Road is officially ... 10.0 --
Kidderminster family firm welcomes local MP (From ... 10.0 --
Sheikh paid for MP's UAE visit (From Kidderminster Shuttle) 10.0 --
Tory minister Mark Garnier investigated over sex toy admission - Heart 9.0 2017-10-29
Tory minister Mark Garnier investigated over sex toy admission - Capital 9.0 2017-10-29
Jobs saved as Kidderminster pet store Just for Pets on New ... 8.0 --
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier opens new Little Folks Day ... 8.0 --
Query over salary for MP's wife (From Kidderminster Shuttle) 8.0 --
Kidderminster jobs fair to be held next month ... 8.0 --
Wyre Forest workers ‘misled’ over pay - unions claim ... 8.0 --
Tory MP Mark Garnier to be investigated over sexual harassment claims - Business Insider 8.0 2017-10-29
Diamond Buses set to axe Kidderminster route due to ... 6.0 --
Workshop helps support fund applications (From ... 6.0 --
Jobs and manufacturing to return to ex-Sealine factory ... 6.0 --
CAMRA raises a toast to Wyre Forest pubs and breweries ... 6.0 --
MP welcomes positive report on Kidderminster College ... 6.0 --
Stourport's Tesco store finally opens | Kidderminster Shuttle 4.0 --
Man arrested for murder after stabbing in Cherry Close ... 4.0 --
Conservative Mark Garnier holds onto Wyre Forest seat ... 4.0 --
Residents back council's proposed dog control measures in ... 4.0 --
Wyre Forest MP's verdict after 234 jobs axed at Sealine ... 4.0 --
Huntley Thawe, from Channel 4's Renovation Game, denies ... 4.0 --
Enjoy an international market in Kidderminster town centre ... 4.0 --
MS society grill MP at coffee morning (From Kidderminster ... 4.0 --
Tributes paid to former Wyre Forest councillor, Arthur ... 4.0 --
MP quizzes supermarkets over Kidderminster petrol prices ... 4.0 --
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier marks official opening of ... 4.0 --
Greenwoods menswear firm - Kidderminster Shuttle 4.0 --
Wyre Forest MP to research EU/UK relationship ... 4.0 --
I'm disappointed | Kidderminster Shuttle 4.0 --
Wyre Forest MP responds to possible 11pc pay rise ... 4.0 --
Vote Leave confident of tariff-free trade deal after EU ... 3.0 2016-05-09
Herefordshire & Worcestershire vote to leave EU - BBC News 3.0 2016-06-24
MP alleges new City scandal: Rigging the Stock Exchange ... 2.0 2014-07-02
Unions urge Wyre Forest councillors to reject “unfair” pay ... 2.0 --
Busy Stourport Road in Kidderminster blocked following ... 2.0 --
Kidderminster sister and brother’s gruelling bike ... 2.0 --
Teenage boy assaulted by fellow teenagers in Brinton Park ... 2.0 --
Wyre Forest MP to take action over 'reckless' banking ... 2.0 --
Labour calls for all-party involvement in MP's hospital ... 2.0 --
Jury in Kidderminster murder trial considering verdict ... 2.0 --
Knighthood for David Cameron's election chief Lynton ... 2.0 2015-12-31
Residents help to save the future of Kidderminster bus ... 2.0 --
Council in bid to tackle empty properties in Wyre Forest ... 2.0 --
MP's View - July 31 | Kidderminster Shuttle 2.0 --
MP View - Mark Garnier (From Halesowen News) 2.0 --
Daring Kidderminster workers from MAK Services go to "hell ... 2.0 --
MP View - Mark Garnier (From Kidderminster Shuttle) 2.0 --
Horsefair's Weavers' Cottages shortlisted in prestigious ... 2.0 --
Record number of lawyers from Kidderminster-based firm ... 2.0 --
Jobs at Kidderminster Amtek UK plant saved by takeover ... 2.0 --
Brexit may be Scotland’s chance to steal London finance crown 2.0 2016-06-27
Labour call on MP to ‘get our cash back’ (From ... 2.0 --
MP's View - October 6 | Kidderminster Shuttle 2.0 --
MP gets on his bike (From Kidderminster Shuttle) 2.0 --
Wyre Forest MP Mark Garnier caught up in lockdown after ... 2.0 --
Wyre Forest MP votes with Government on Syria ... 2.0 --

What Content Drives The Narrative?

Content Power is a measure of the power of individual pieces of content.

This measure is independent of the number of people seeing or sharing this content (it is not volumetric). It is a true measure of content's intrinsic power.

The content shown here has been selected for its ability to drive market performance against preference and desirability.